(Kibele is currently working on updating her website with her new work and thanking you for being patient during this endless process.) 

Kibele designs and illustrates. 

She holds an MFA from School of Visual Arts' Design and a BFA from Bilkent University's Communication Design with a concentration of film studies. 

She believes in working to create beauty while building a new layer of meaning for the audience. She is in love with all of her clients and believes in love marriages. She also used to believe that cleaning the floor with certain detergents could make flowers appear when she was 5. 

Kibele has equal feelings towards creating identity systems, magazines, catalogs, motion pieces, book and album covers, installations, posters, chandeliers and lentil soup. She would love to hear from you if you are interested in commissioning her for a project, print inquiries, or feel like saying 'Let's get ice cream.', or 'May I have a look at your resume?' Please find her in her turquoise circles below.